Slow - down

Constantly rushing working women, moms, businessmen and women, young people working on their graduation thesis, preparing for exams, writers, painters, creative souls, fishermen, hunters, walkers, yoga masters, vegetarians, vegans, religions and atheists, families, couples, individuals…

We welcome you all in our house in the Borzsony hills near Lake Bank for some relaxation and slow down. Our cottage is ideal for a weekend or longer vacation. Our doors are open all year round.


Nagyoroszi is located in the Borzsony hills, in Nograd County, Hungary. It is 65 kilometers from Budapest, 10 kilometers from the border of Slovakia. It is situated in the Borzsony Mountains where there are plenty of possibilities for hunting, fishing, bicycling, walking, or simply enjoying the peace. The historical monument of the castle "Dregely” is a stone’s throw from our garden.


Slow Down is a beautifully restored home from the 1800's providing secluded patios and a colorful and well-cared for garden. There are two separate bedrooms, a hall, a fully furnished kitchen and dining area, a bathroom with shower and a utility room. The balcony serves as an additional sitting room during warm days. The house provides an intimate and cosy setting for holidays with family and friends.


After our mother passed away, we decided to give a second life to our family home. Our idea was to restore the house which had been reduced to rubble back to its original splendor and to open our childhood home to all those who seek a refuge in the natural landscape of Hungary.

Our wish is to bring you into our home, to share our culture, our style of life, so that you experience the best of Nograd megye…an experience we are sure will be one of your best memories of your time spent in Hungary.